Technology Overview for Wastewater Treatment design, build and operational support systems

Technology Overview

TMD designs, builds, operates and provides systems for the biological remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater along with industrial and municipal waste streams. Additionally, TMD uses its technology for the production of high-market-value products for wholesale or retail distribution.

The key component of the TMD Technology is a patented Immobilized Microbe Biological Reactor (IMBR). The IMBR is combined with a cutting edge aeration device known as a microbubble generator, to provide super oxygenated water that, when activated, infuses microbes in the IMBR system with nutrients needed to regenerate and treat an increased amount of material due to the high effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

The regeneration of the microbes accelerates the natural mineralization process, reducing material processing cycle times and virtually eliminating organic contaminant levels. A fully implemented TMD solution is robust, permanent and provides long term, cost effective processing with minimum maintenance requirements.

The different technology links describe various applications of TMD technology and where it can benefit in reducing environmental contamination.


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