Products for  Wastewater Treatment design, build and operational support systems - TMDH

Products Overview

TMD designs, builds, operates and provides systems for the biological remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater along with industrial and municipal waste streams. TMD utilizes a microbial repository to design and develop the appropriate effective and efficient microbial compound for the treatment of a client's specific organic waste stream or contaminated area.

Through multiple applications of TMD’s technology and processes, situation-specific products have evolved which are field-ready and well suited to attack specific problems. The use of these products has been refined over time to achieve designs which are both efficient and effective.

Packaging the technology, and the underlying science, into such products allows TMD to engage quickly to address specific environmental challenges. Also, by employing a product-driven strategy, TMD is able to work in collaboration with other organizations who bring special skills and capabilities to the variety of scenarios which can arise. The repeatability and manageability of TMD’s products enables others, who do not have to possess TMD-specific knowledge, to work alongside TMD to design and deliver comprehensive solutions to problems.


"We cannot solve the problems we have created with the same thinking that created them."
- Albert Einstein