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Mobile Systems

TMD, based on past successful experiences with deploying its remediation technology and capabilities, has developed an innovative alternative to traditional methods for production and delivery of biological amendments to be applied to affected areas. As a result of TMD’s advantages in production efficiency, cost and scale of operation, TMD deploys and operates mobile IMBR treatment systems. Once in place, the effectiveness and efficiency of the mobile systems, along with the utilization of local materials such as water, logistics and other factors, sets TMD apart as a best in class solution for adaptable treatment scenarios.

The TMD Approach and Advantages

  • Patented Technologies and Processes
  • Significant Efficiency Advantages
  • Operate Close to Treatment Location
  • Faster Delivery of Results
  • Lower Cost
  • Flexible
    • Mobile / Portable Systems
    • Multiple Delivery Options
    • Adaptable to Situations

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- Wendell Berry