Go Green Bioproducts

Go Green Bioproducts, LLC; a South Carolina Corporation, is a TMD Technologies Group Company. The addition of Go Green to the TMD Companies adds a significant amount of knowhow and experience to the TMD Waste to Energy / Bioproducts Model. The Go Green Capabilities in destruction and especially in the Liquids Separation Capabilities adds significantly to the TMD Technologies relating to the manufacture of various high end bioproducts from waste sugars and the goal of making it possible for the beverage and food industries to become “zero discharge facilities.”

Go Green Bioproducts is a process developed as a combined effort of Go Green Management and the TMD Companies Technologies. This process is designed to break down and recycle packaged products  from a wide variety of beverage and food products. This packaging, along with  its contents,  is completely recycled or developed into a value added product.  This process completely eliminates waste discharge for these products, or any products  received and processed by Go Green Bioproducts.

The bi-products of Go Green include three main recycled components.

The first recycled component is the conversion of residual liquid into distilled water and concentrated sugar, or more specifically, into a new product called Go Green Concentrates, which have a variety of uses, from being an additive in fuels to the primary component in a wide range of bioproducts, all sold commercially.  

Next, the process will remove all liquid products from any bottles and cans included in bottled drinks, juices and a wide range of related food and beverage products by shredding or grinding the containers in a highly disciplined mechanical process. The liquid then enters a Liquids Separation Process during which it is broken down into  distilled water and Go Green (sugar) concentrate. The water will be suitable for industrial usage and can be further processed to a stage which will provide Ultra Pure Water for a variety of commercial uses. The  Go Green Concentrate (sugar) will then be converted into bio fuels, or any number of value added bioproducts for future use. The Go Green Bioproducts/Waste Energy process uses the Go Green Bioproducts destruction and liquids separation technology and the patented TMD Technologies, modular, continuous flow fermentation process to produce biofuels, or a wide range of high end bioproducts that will meet all commercial and regulatory specifications.  When fuel grade ethanol is the product, then  ethanol, bio-butanol  are the primary products for sale. When Simple sugars are used, the end product will be extra natural alcohol and alcohol products.  

The second bi-product of Go Green is the recycling of bottles and cans, as well as any container that is provided for destruction and recycling. After the liquid is removed from the containers, they are shredded, the client is provided a certificate of destruction, and the aluminum, HDPE, the glass, along with the Polypropylene are either ground and then washed, provding a very high end products for sale, or simply bailed and sold commercially, or potentially returned to the manufacturer for reuse. After the completion of the above processes, the PET is ground, washed and sold as high end resins to be used in the manufacture of products, including bottles or containers for the repackaging of beverage products. In short, Go Green returns all components of the received materials to be reused in the packaging process.  Any cardboard, plastic or wooden pallets that are acquired in the Go Green process are also sent to a recycling facility for future reuse.

The destruction and recycling process will be performed at a Go Green Recycling facility where the bottling company will deliver all products. Products may be delivered in cases or in bulk and will be closely inventoried upon arrival and during redistribution of recycled products.

The Go Green Bioproducts process does not leave any materials that must be disposed of, or discharged as a liquid, which manufactures  bioproducts from the  processes, manufacturing  high end value added products suitable for future use in a variety of circumstances and processes.

The third bi-product of Go Green is the recycling of Post Industrial Products from manufacturing facilities, such as bottlers, poultry, automotive and outdoor products. Go Green processes the products by shredding, grinding and washing the materials into high end value added products. Go Green can do additional product upgrades on request of our customers.


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