Wastewater Treatment design, build and operational support systems - TMDH Company Overview - Photo of Bio Plugs

Company Overview

TMD Technologies Group, LLC, is a biotechnology company organized to provide cost-effective biological solutions to challenges facing our global community. TMD focuses on a wide range of environmental projects ranging from the alleviation of small-scale wastewater problems and the remediation of large-scale hazardous waste sites to industrial-scale wastewater and contaminated soil treatment. Additionally, through its Waste Energy, LLC, subsidiary, TMD has developed, and is deploying, patented processes to produce refined fuel-grade ethanol, industrial-quality butanol, and other high-market-value products, utilizing industrial waste sugars, primarily in liquid form, as feedstock. TMD’s proprietary technologies, expertise and know-how have been solving real world problems for more than 20 years. This heritage provides a strong basis of proven success in developing and applying TMD’s capabilities enabling solutions to challenging problems.

The importance of protecting our environment has traditionally been a social and political issue. As a transition of awareness and the changes in the nature of business and our economy have occurred, so has the priority for protecting and preserving the environment. TMD recognizes and welcomes the opportunity to work together with businesses, governments and communities alike to provide biological solutions to environmental challenges facing us all today and in the future.

Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Challenges


"Earth and water, if not too blatantly abused, can produce again and again for the benefit of all." - Stewart L. Udall