Bio Plugs for  Wastewater Treatment design, build and operational support systems - TMDH

Bio Plugs

TMD’s in situ bioremediation system (Bio Plugs) are an innovative, low intervention, bioremediation technique developed, patented, and applied by TMD for both saturated and unsaturated contaminated soils and sludge. Bio Plugs deliver contaminant degrading, naturally occurring microbes to areas for groundwater and soil remediation, efficiently and economically treating contaminants by eliminating costly site deconstruction and material transportation. Bio Plugs are small-scale sealed microbe bioreactors constructed using slotted pipes containing TMD’s proprietary Media.

During a Bio Plug installation the contaminated zone is mapped, analyzed and evaluated to determine the best implementation of the bioremediation technology and processes. The Bio Plugs are strategically inserted into the ground to treat the contaminated soil. Once the Bio Plug is inserted into the contaminated zone, water is introduced into the plug through a pressure gradient using compressed air. The process delivers the microbes efficiently to the contaminated zone for treatment.

Cost savings associated with the Bio Plug system can be significant compared to other bioremediation clean-up methods. Bio Plugs have been especially useful areas where existing buildings or equipment limit or prohibit excavation of the contaminated soils. They have also been used in situations where the contaminants are spread over a large area such as pipeline operations.


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