Waste Energy - Alternative Fuels - patented Modular Continuous Flow Ethanol

Waste Energy

Alternative Fuels

Waste Energy, LLC (“Waste Energy”), is a subsidiary of TMD which has developed a patented process (inclusive of other TMD patented technologies and processes) to produce refined fuel-grade ethanol, industrial-quality butanol, and other market-valuable products, utilizing industrial waste sugars, primarily in liquid form, as feedstock.

Waste Energy has designed, will construct, and will operate patented Modular Continuous Flow Ethanol (“MCFE”) plants to produce its products. The waste sugar feedstock for the MCFE plants is sourced from soft drink bottlers, sugar transporters, bakeries, candy makers, fruit processors, fruit juice bottling operations, and other high-sugar content suppliers. Currently, for these waste-producing companies, waste sugar is a costly burden in terms of handling and disposal. Additionally, Waste Energy plans to collaborate with other alternative fuel processors who demonstrate field-ready capabilities to process other feedstocks into processable sugar sources.

Waste Energy plans to deliver significant savings, i.e., cost avoidance, for waste sugar suppliers, provide a source of revenue generation for biomass feedstock processors, create an efficient alternative fuel source for consumers, and lessen the overall dependence of the United States on foreign fuels. Also in development as part of the Waste Energy model is the capture and processing of fugitive Carbon Dioxide into ethanol. Such processing further will further enhance the commercial value of the overall process while promoting sustainability and reducing negative environmental impact. Waste Energy intends to achieve its objectives resulting in significant enterprise value without dependence on government subsidies, temporary tax code manipulation or other fleeting sources of short term financial advantage. The Waste Energy business model is a commercially viable proposition on its own merits and is a true waste to energy system.

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